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Mini Bar : Vodka - A Little Book of Big Drinks

Mini Bar : Vodka - A Little Book of Big Drinks Vodka is the most popular spirit in the U.S., comprising 20 per cent of the alcohol market and found in such favorites as the "Bloody Mary", "Sex on the Beach", and "Cosmopolitan". This book capitalizes on this popularity as a vodka-centric cocktail recipe book with a cute size and 16 full-color photographs, giving it great value at $7.95. A small, (4x5) single-subject cocktail recipe book, this is one of five books in the series ("Vodka" (F06), "Whiskey" (F06), "Gin" (S07), "Rum" (S07), and "Tequila" (S07)). Each book in the series contains 50 recipes written in a fun, breezy style for the home bartender. Also included is a short history of each alcohol and a short glossary of useful bar terms/slang.
Utgitt: 2006
ISBN: 9780811853217
Gruppe: Vodka
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