Strawberry Daiquiri

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Strawberry Daiquiri have calculated nutrient, energy percentage and cost per 100 gram, which is conducted by ©Knut Pettersen. The following basic values exist for 100 grams: For more details check the Norwegian version. There is also possibilty to translate all recipe to english with help of Google Translate. Click for the Norwegian version

Calories: 176,79 kcal ......Protein: 0,17 g ......Fat: 0,06 g ......Saturated fat: 0 g ......Carbo: 7,46 g ......Fiber: 0,38 g .....Sodium: 0,8 mg .......Price : 27,23 .- kr


1 serving

1/2 oz lemonjuice
1/2 oz strawberry liqueur
1 oz white rum
3 strawberry

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Source: Knut Pettersen
Category: Diverse alkoholdrinker
Country: Ukjent-opprinnelse
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1 serving gives 1

Blend and pour inti goblet or cocktailglass. Garnish with strawberry and serve with straw.
NB! The recipe is calculated for nutrient content and price of Knut Pettersen

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