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Dried mutton ribs (pinnekjøtt)

The recipe take approximately 60 min + to cook 60 min + The recipe has received 5,2 point. 5,2 point (of max 6) in average from 22 readers
The recipe have had 24802 readers! 24802 readers
Dried mutton ribs (pinnekjøtt) have calculated nutrient, energy percentage and price per 100g and portion, which is conducted by ©Knut Pettersen. The following basic values exist for 100 grams: Details are further down the page.
Calories: 452,2 kcal ......Protein: 29,8 g ......Fat: 37 g ......Saturated fat: 17,4 g
Carbo: 0 g ......Fiber: 0 g .....Sodium: 1494 mg .......Price : 16,31 .- kr
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Ca 1,5kgPinnekjøtt

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Source: Matprat.no
Photographer: Matprat.no
Category: Kokt/dampet
Country: Norge
District: Hordaland
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Dried mutton ribs (pinnekjøtt).
Pinnekjøtt – eller lammeribbe- er den vanligste julematen på Vestlandet, og har tatt opp konkurransen som den mest populære julematen over hele landet. Den unike smaken kommer fra de gamle konserveringsmetodene salting og tørking.


Separate the ribs and place in cold water overnight. Put a grate or birch twigs at the bottom of a casserole and cover in water. Put the ribs in and steam at medium heat until the meat loosens from the bone.
Serve with mashed swedes, boiled potatoes, French mustard and red whortleberry jam.

NB! The recipe is calculated for nutrient content and price of Knut Pettersen Matoppskrift.no

Nutrition values: Read explanation! Energy distribution What is this?
Per 100: gr: Per serving: % of the recommended daily intake per serving. Energy as% of tot. Kcal
Kcal: 452,201 695,7584,8 %
Fat: 37,00138,75 g198,2 %Fat73,63 %
Protein: 29,80111,75 g223,5 %Protein26,36 %
Carbo: 0,000,00 g0,0 %Carbo0 %
Fiber: 0,000,00 g0,0 %
Saturated fat: 17,4065,25 g326,3 %
Salt: 3,7414,01 g280,1 %
The recipe weight 1500 g total
Price for the recipe: Plate service
Pr 100 gram: Kr.16,31
Price 4 servingsKr. 244,65See your plate
Price per serving Kr 61,16Show full nutrition values for this recipe
Explanation of the pricing system!Explanation of the plate service!

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