Sheephead (smalahove)

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Serve ½ head per person

sheep heads

6 liters (quarts) water
1 ½ kg (3 pounds) salt
2 dl (scant 1 cup) sugar
2 ¼ teaspoons saltpetre

Mashed rutabagas:
1 kg (2 ¼ pounds) rutabagas
2 large potatoes
3 dl ( 1 ¼ cups) water
100 g (3 ½ ounces, scant ½ cup) butter
1-2 teaspoons sugar
ground white pepper
ground nutmeg
1-2 dl (1/2 cup) salt mutton stock
½ (3 ½ tablespoons) whipping cream

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Photographer: Magnus Thor Magnusson
Category: Røkt/gravet/saltet
Country: Norge
District: Hordaland
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Sheephead (smalahove).


Singe the head. Do not flay. Split leangthwise and soak in cold water at east 24 hours, changing the water several times.
Make the brine by combining the ingredients and bringing to a boil. Dry the head well, then soak in brine up to 72 hours.
Smoke, the dry. Simmer the head in water until tender, about 50 minutes. Serve with boiled potatoes and mashed rutabagas.

Mashed rutabagas: Peel, wash and slice rutabaga and potatoes. Cook in water until tender, about 15 minutes. Grind the rutabaga and potatoes. Transfer to the bowl of an electric mixer. Add butter, salt and seasonings and mix well. Stir in stock and cream. Add more seasoning, if necessary.

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