Marinated fish from Lierne (gravet fisk)

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Calories: 62,77 kcal ......Protein: 5,67 g ......Fat: 2,49 g ......Saturated fat: 0,53 g ......Carbo: 4,42 g ......Fiber: 0 g .....Sodium: 1327,15 mg .......Price : 5,14 .- kr


1 serving

500 g (18 ounces) trout or char
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar

1 liter (quart) whey
2 tablespoons salt
about 1 tablespoon sugar

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Source: Det norske kjøkken
Category: Røkt/gravet/saltet
Country: Norge
District: Sør Trøndelag
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Clean and rinse the fish well. Combine salt and sugar and sprinkle into the cavity of the fish. Layer with salt/sugar in a plastic pail, cavity up. Cover with a clean cloth and marinate one week at 10-12°C (50-54°F). Reduce the whey with salt and sugar until about half remains. Cool. Rinse the fish and place in a clean plastic pail. Pour over the cold brine. The fish should be completely covered with brine. Place a weight over the fish to hold it down. Store in a cold celler or refrigerate 7-8 weeks. Wash, skind and fillet the fish before serving. Serve with boiled almond potatoes, flatbread and butter.

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