Cream Catalan

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Calories: 307,11 kcal ......Protein: 3,5 g ......Fat: 23,27 g ......Saturated fat: 13,59 g ......Carbo: 20,32 g ......Fiber: 1,2 g .....Sodium: 30,61 mg .......Price : 5,39 .- kr


4 servings

2 cups heavy whipping cream
½ cup milk
¾ sugar
6 egg yolks
peeling from ¼ orange and ¼ lemon
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod

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Source: Prior
Photographer: Knut Pettersen
Category: Dessert
Country: Spania
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Cream Catalan.


Let the cream and milk warmup with the orange and lemon peeling and spices for approx. 20 minutes without boiling. Whip together the egg yolks and sugar. Pour the milk mixture into the egg mixture with constant beating. Strain and pour into small oven-proof serving dishes.

Bake carefully in oven 195°F. approx. 20 minutes or until it has set. Sometimes it takes much longer time.

Cool before you sprinkle sugar over and put under broiler to burn sugar. It's fine to use brown sugar fo extra taste. Serve with orange slices.

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