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Lutefisk (dried cod treated with lye)

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Lutefisk (dried cod treated with lye) have calculated nutrient, energy percentage and cost per 100 gram, which is conducted by ©Knut Pettersen. The following basic values exist for 100 grams: For more details check the Norwegian version. There is also possibilty to translate all recipe to english with help of Google Translate. Click for the Norwegian version

Calories: 105,34 kcal ......Protein: 6,92 g ......Fat: 5,08 g ......Saturated fat: 2,26 g ......Carbo: 7,37 g ......Fiber: 1,23 g .....Sodium: 276,66 mg .......Price : 5,03 .- kr


2 servings

750 (1 2/3 pounds) lutefisk per person
salt (½ dl (3 ½ tablespoons) per liter (quart) water)

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Source: Frukt.no
Photographer: Knut Pettersen
Category: Ovnsrett
Country: Norge
District: Ukjent
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Lutefisk (dried cod treated with lye).


1 serving gives 1

Cut the fish into oversized serving pieces (to allow for shrinkage) and soak in cold water 30 minutes before poaching. Bring the water to a boil. Add salt. Place the fish in the boiling water. When the water returns to a boil, lower the heat, skim and then simmer 5-10 minutes. Serve on a cloth napkin with bacon fat, mashed yellow peas, boiled potatoes, cold butter, mustard sauce, flatbread or lefse.
NB! The recipe is calculated for nutrient content and price of Knut Pettersen Matoppskrift.no

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